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Fırat Devecioğlu

philosopher, speaker, writer.


He currently lives in İstanbul.
The opinion articles of Devecioğlu on sociology, philosophy and culture broke sharing and reading records in social media. His articles were published on many websites, magazines and newspapers. 

Modern Era Trap; "Do What You Love"

'More often than not, there is a "truth" hidden behind an enthusiastic expression and we can't see it. 

We are carried away in the magic of words.

For example, some people just say "do what you love!"  For a moment, these words take you to "another world"..."first, do what you love and then comes the rest". "If you do what you love, you feel like you never work!"’

"We are the Middle Children of the History!"


Socrates often went to marketplaces and answered to those who asked curiously because he didn't by anything as "I come here to see how many things I don't need".


Our environment is full of things which we don't need and which make us feel like we could not go on living without them. We are living in an era of the humankind in which we take ourselves away from ourselves and leave ourselves in the lap of wishes which never end. 


Egoism, Self-Construction and Existence


In recent years, a book which resounded heavily in the world has been published. Author Bronnie Ware makes a set of interviews with patients who had few days and asks them about their biggest regret in life in his work named "Most common 5 regret of people who are about to die". The common answer of these people who are very close to dying about regret is;


"I wish I had the courage to live the life I wanted rather than doing the things what others wanted from me."’


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